Kingdoms Fighter All Questions + Answers


Star Level 1: "how old did Liu Bei Die?" Answer:"63" Other Choices:"61","64"

Star Level 1: "which is the Hotkey of za-zen in the game?" Answer:"Ctrl" Other Choices:"Alt","Shift"

Star Level 1: "how did Lv Bu die?" Answer:"Died of hanging" Other Choices:"Died of angry","Died of emptysis"

Star Level 1: "Who is main role in the story of be so happy as to forget home and duty?" Answer:"Liu Chan" Other Choices:"Liu Bei","Cao Cao"

Star Level 1: "Who is the main character in the story of Burning the camps?" Answer:"Lu Xun" Other Choices:"Lu Meng","Guo Jia"

Star Level 1: "Who is person described as Clear-eyed and malicious, eyes can look in the back" Answer:"Sima Yi" Other Choices:"Si Ma Qian","Sima Yunxin"

Star Level 1: "Which game are you playing now?" Answer:"Fight - Three Kingdoms!" Other Choices:"Three Kingdoms","Fight - Three Kingdoms!"

Star Level 1: "what is next sentence of "weeping whlie reading Three kindoms"" Answer:"worrid by the ancients" Other Choices:"worried the country","worried by myself"

Star Level 1: "If you win the challenge in the game, what will happened?" Answer:"Rank rose" Other Choices:"Your ranking not changed","Rank dropped"

Star Level 1: "What can we do if we want to improve our arms in the game?" Answer:"Enhancement" Other Choices:"Inherit","Shouting to the computer"

Star Level 1: "What can we do if we want levelup the new characters' level and rank?" Answer:"Use the function of Smriti in Character-panel" Other Choices:"Use the function of creation","Begin the "overcome all the difficulties in the way""

Star Level 1: "Who was assassinated by Cao cao?" Answer:"Dong Zhuo" Other Choices:"Dong Tu","Dong Yong"

Star Level 1: "Who is the key person of ruse of self-injury?" Answer:"Zhou Yu and Huang Gai" Other Choices:"Huang Gai and Sun Quan","Sun Quan and Zhou YU"

Star Level 1: "Proverb"The wisdom of the masses exceeds that of  who"" Answer:"Zhuge Liang" Other Choices:"Sun Quan","Zhang Fei"

Star Level 1: "Who are the brothers in the story of Oath of the Peach Garden" Answer:"Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei" Other Choices:"Cao Cao,Cao Zhi,Cao Pi","Sun Jian,Sun Ce,Sun Quan"

Star Level 1: "During the battle of Chi Bi, what kind of Wind helped Zhu Ge Liang?" Answer:"Southeast Wind" Other Choices:"East Wind","North Wind"

Star Level 1: "Who is the beauty loved by Lv Bu." Answer:"Diao Chan" Other Choices:"Dong Zhuo","Chang Er"

Star Level 1: "What is the Liu Chan's pet name?" Answer:"A Dou" Other Choices:"A Gan","A Jiao"

Star Level 1: "What is the Mount of Guan Yu?" Answer:"Red flesh" Other Choices:"White stallion horse","Cadillac"

Star Level 1: "Who is gripped by 7 times by Kong Ming" Answer:"Meng Huo" Other Choices:"Ma Su","Zhou Yu"

Star Level 1: "Who has given the plan to Zhao Yun in m-tip plan?" Answer:"Zhuge Liang" Other Choices:"Zhou Yu","Doraemon"

Star Level 1: "What is the markof the Zhang Jiao's army ?" Answer:"yellow towel" Other Choices:"towel","red scarf"

Star Level 1: "Which eye of Xia Hou Chun is shoot?" Answer:"left eye" Other Choices:"right eye","heart"

Star Level 1: "who is the Zhou Yu's wife?" Answer:"Junior Qiao" Other Choices:"Senior Qiao","Diao Chan"

Star Level 1: "in which city did Liu Bei died?" Answer:"Bai Di city" Other Choices:"Mai city","five ten feet of originally"

Star Level 1: "except Cao cao who is the other one, discussing the heroes of the country when drinking?" Answer:"Liu Bei" Other Choices:"Lv Bu","Sun Quan"

Star Level 1: "Who is killed by Guan Yu in SiShui Pass" Answer:"Hua Xiong" Other Choices:"Yan Liang","Wen Chou"

Star Level 1: "Who has given the Book"Peace teachings" to Zhang Jiao." Answer:"the Old immortal of Nan Hua" Other Choices:"the immortal of Nan Ji","'Hovering Heavenly Fairy'"

Star Level 1: "who is Zhang lu, in which religion as hierarch." Answer:"Wu Doumi religion" Other Choices:"Sun and Moon religion","Bai yue religion"


Star Level 2: "Liu bei is honoured as what?" Answer:"Emperor Zhaolie of Han dynasty" Other Choices:"Emperor Zhao of Han dynasty","Emperor Guangwu of Han dynasty" Star Level 2: "Who is it in ? Described as seven foot height, long beard, the Rank is commandant of cavalry." Answer:"Cao Cao" Other Choices:"Cao zhi","Cao Pi" Star Level 2: "Which battle is the key battle between Cao cao and Yuan shao." Answer:"Battle of Guandu" Other Choices:"Battle of Red Cliff","Battle of Yiling" Star Level 2: "Who is the key person in this idiom "write like an angel"" Answer:"Eemperor Xian of Han dynasty" Other Choices:"Founder of Han dynasty","Emperor Ming of Han dynasty" Star Level 2: "Who's the leading roles in the story of "Solo Run" in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms?" Answer:"Guan Yu and Lu Su" Other Choices:"Guan Yu and Gan Ning","Lu Su and Gan Ning" Star Level 2: "Which political advantage will gain through "controlling the emperor and commanding the nobles" among all warlords at the end of Eastern Han Dynasty?" Answer:"Cao Cao" Other Choices:"Liu Bei","Sun Quan" Star Level 2: "Where did Liu Bei die of disease?" Answer:"Bai Di city" Other Choices:"Kuaiji","Xicheng" Star Level 2: "Which weapon does Guan Yu use?" Answer:"Crescent Blade" Other Choices:"Moon Broadsword","Ghost Killing Broadsword" Star Level 2: "Which person does Liu Bei invite by Three Visits to the Thatched Cottage?" Answer:"Zhuge Liang" Other Choices:"Huang Gai","Zhao Yun" Star Level 2: "Who has composed the poem, "Enjoy wine and songs while we can for life is short?"" Answer:"Cao Cao" Other Choices:"Liu Bei","Sun Quan" Star Level 2: "What is the relationship between Sun Ce and Sun Quan?" Answer:"Brothers" Other Choices:"Father and son","Uncle and nephew" Star Level 2: "Who finally unifies the Three Kingdoms?" Answer:"Sima Yan" Other Choices:"Cao Cao","Cao Pi" Star Level 2: "Who composes Goddess of Luoshui River?" Answer:"Cao zhi" Other Choices:"Zhen Ji","Cao Pi" Star Level 2: "Who composes Ode to Bronze Sparrow Terrace?" Answer:"Cao zhi" Other Choices:"Cao Cao","Zhuge Liang" Star Level 2: "Who is Junior Conquer in Three Kingdoms?" Answer:"Sun Ce" Other Choices:"Game console","Contra" Star Level 2: "Whose home is the location of Peach Garden Oath?" Answer:"Zhang Fei" Other Choices:"Liu Bei","Guan Yu" Star Level 2: "Why is Xu Chu called Tiger Fool?" Answer:"Strong like a tiger" Other Choices:"Looking like a tiger","Wearing tiger hide" Star Level 2: "Why is Pang Tong ignored by Liu Bei at beginning?" Answer:"Too ugly" Other Choices:"Short of talent","As a newcomer" Star Level 2: "Who suggests false surrender to Cao Cao during War of Red Cliff?" Answer:"Huang Gai" Other Choices:"Huang Zhong","Huang Yueying" Star Level 2: "What does Liu Bei do before Peach Garden Oath?" Answer:"Peddling straw shoes" Other Choices:"Peddling dates","Slaughtering pigs" Star Level 2: "Which sentence is followed by "Enjoy wine and songs while we can for life is short?"" Answer:"Such as morning dew, too much time has flied away." Other Choices:"Waving water and towering isle","Twittering osprey stands in the shoal" Star Level 2: "Who composes a poem within seven steps?" Answer:"Cao zhi" Other Choices:"Li Bai","Cao Pi" Star Level 2: "Who dies at earliest among the Five Tiger Generals?" Answer:"Guan Yu" Other Choices:"Zhao Yun","Zhang Fei" Star Level 2: "Who dies at latest among the Five Tiger Generals?" Answer:"Zhao Yun" Other Choices:"Guan Yu","Huang Zhong" Star Level 3: "Who is strongly recommended by Kan Ze, a general from Eastern Wu, with an oath by all lives of his family, when Liu Bei starts a war against Eastern Wu?" Answer:"Lu Xun" Other Choices:"Guo Jia","Lu Su" Star Level 3: "How does Zhang Fei die?" Answer:"Killed by his subordinates" Other Choices:"Die in battle","Die of disease" Star Level 3: "How does Huang Zhong die?" Answer:"Die of arrow wound" Other Choices:"Die of falling from a horse","Die of poisoning" Star Level 3: "Who is "Mr. Water Mirror" in Romance of the Three Kingdoms?" Answer:"Sima Hui" Other Choices:"Sima Yi","Sima Zhao" Star Level 3: "Who distinguishes the by accident the Life Lamp of Zhuge Liang, when Zhuge Liang is praying the Big Dipper for more life?" Answer:"Wei Yan" Other Choices:"Ma Zhong","Liao Hua" Star Level 3: "which of the following famous battle happened during Three Kingdoms?" Answer:"Battle of Guandu" Other Choices:"Battle of Julu","Battle of Feishui" Star Level 3: ""Seven chi and seven cun tall, wearing handsome beard and good at archery without missing any hit." Which person is suitable for this description?" Answer:"Tai Shici" Other Choices:"Xu Chu","Guan Yu" Star Level 3: "Which general commands the troops wearing the title, Flaming Camp?" Answer:"Gao Shun" Other Choices:"Fan Chou","Tang Baihu" Star Level 3: "Who does Sun Quan appoint as Prince of Yan?" Answer:"Gongsun Yuan" Other Choices:"Gongsun Zan","Gongsun Zhi" Star Level 3: "Which son succeeds the throne on death of Sun Quan?" Answer:"Sun Liang" Other Choices:"Sun Zi","Sun Ce" Star Level 3: "How long is the beard of Guan Yu as mentioned in Romance of the Three Kingdoms" Answer:"2 chi" Other Choices:"1.5 chi","3.3 chi" Star Level 3: "Who is the big brother of Huangjin Army?" Answer:"Zhang Jiao" Other Choices:"Zhang Bao","Zhang Lu" Star Level 3: "Who has been the first adoptive father of Lu Bu?" Answer:"Ding Yuan" Other Choices:"Dong Zhuo","Cao Cao" Star Level 3: "How old is Diao Chan when meeting Dong Zhuo for the first time?" Answer:"16" Other Choices:"14","18" Star Level 3: "Who fails to be an emperor among the following?" Answer:"Cao Cao" Other Choices:"Liu Bei","Liu Xie" Star Level 3: "What is the name of transportation facility that is invented by Zhuge Liang ?" Answer:"Wooden Wheelbarrow" Other Choices:"Tractor","Bicycle" Star Level 3: "Which animal is shot by Cao Cao with the bow of Emperor Xian of Han Dynasty during hunting in Xuchang?" Answer:"Deer" Other Choices:"Rabbit","Alpaca" Star Level 3: "Who invents steamed bread?" Answer:"Zhuge Liang" Other Choices:"Cao Cao","Sima Yi" Star Level 3: "Which scarf is worn by Sun Jian on the head when he appears during Battle of Hulao Pass?" Answer:"Red scarf" Other Choices:"Green scarf","White scarf" Star Level 3: "What is given by Zhuge Liang to Sima Yi during the battle of Wuzhangyuan?" Answer:"Female clothes" Other Choices:"A badger","Ears of the defeated army" Star Level 3: "Which color is the beard of Sun Quan?" Answer:"Red" Other Choices:"Black","Brown" Star Level 3: "What is the warship with long and narrow bodies to enter and attack by colliding with the enemy ships during Three Kingdoms?" Answer:"Tanker" Other Choices:"Carrier","Steamer"


Star Level 4: "Where does Kongming die from disease during the last northern expedition?" Answer:"five ten feet of originally" Other Choices:"Habour","Changban Slope","Xiegudao" Star Level 4: "Which expedition out of Qishan Mountain witnesses Zhuge Liang's trapping Sima in Shangfanggu?" Answer:"The 6th" Other Choices:"The 4th","The 5th","The 3rd" Star Level 4: "Who is not persuaded during Zhuge Liang's Debate with All Scholars?" Answer:"Huang Gai" Other Choices:"Lu Ji","Zhang Zhao","Xu Chu" Star Level 4: "Who suggests the stratagem of Ambush from All Sides during Cao Cao's defeating Benchu in Cangting?" Answer:"Cheng Yi" Other Choices:"Guo Jia","Xun Yu","Xu You" Star Level 4: "How many heroes are named by Liu Bei during his "Commenting Heroes as Drinking Warm Liquor"?" Answer:"8" Other Choices:"7","9","10" Star Level 4: "Which entrance is safe in Zhuge Liangs Eight Diagrams?" Answer:"Entrance of Life" Other Choices:"Entrance of Death","Entrance of Jing","Entrance of Du" Star Level 4: "Which general of Wei defeats Ma Su at Jieting during Three Kingdoms?" Answer:"Zhang He" Other Choices:"Zhang Ling","Zhang Cheng","Zhang Jian" Star Level 4: "Who does Guan Yu kill at Yuquan Mountain during his transfiguration in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms?" Answer:"Lu Meng" Other Choices:"Lv Bu","Lu Xiang","Lu Boshe" Star Level 4: "Who dies of sorrow after encouraging Cao Cao in crowning himself as King of Wei but dismissed?" Answer:"Xun You" Other Choices:"Xun Yu","Jia Xu","Cheng Yi" Star Level 4: "When was tripartite confrontation finally established?" Answer:"222 A.D." Other Choices:"221 A.D.","220 A.D.","208 A.D." Star Level 4: "What is the key source of Shu Government's treasure?" Answer:"Textile industry" Other Choices:"Iron making industry","Lacquer industry","Shipbuilding industry" Star Level 4: "Which poem of Cao Cao contains the sentence, "Sun and moon travels as if from the sea"?" Answer:"See View" Other Choices:"Short Song Style","Guanshan Mountain","Xielu Style" Star Level 4: "Who composed Ode to Three Capital?" Answer:"Zuo Si" Other Choices:"Zuo Ci","Zuo You","Zuo Zhi" Star Level 4: "Which king of Wu witnessed Wei Wen's shipping to Yizhou?" Answer:"Sun Quan" Other Choices:"Sun Ce","Sun Jian","Sun Liang" Star Level 4: "Who shoots Xiahou Dun's left eye?" Answer:"Cao Xing" Other Choices:"Lv Bu","Zhao Yun","Huang Zhong" Star Level 4: "Which entrance is not contained by Eight-Entrance Gold Lock Formation?" Answer:"Yellow Entrance" Other Choices:"Harm Entrance","Entrance of Du","Xiu Entrance" Star Level 4: "How many years could Zhuge Liang extend his expectancy if his Seven-Star Life Extension Formation succeeds?" Answer:"12 years" Other Choices:"20 years","10 years","15 years" Star Level 4: "Who is the chess rival of Guanyu as Hua Tuo is pulling out the poisoning arrow for Guan Yu?" Answer:"Ma Liang" Other Choices:"Guan Ping","Dong Yun","Imperial power" Star Level 4: "Who kills Gan Ning during the war of Yiling?" Answer:"Shamoke" Other Choices:"Wu Lan","Feng Xi","Liu Bei" Star Level 4: "How many years have Zhuge Liang lived as a hermit in Nanyang?" Answer:"10 years" Other Choices:"8 years","12 years","14 years" Star Level 4: "Who does Zhuge Liang entrust the military power to at Wuzhangyuan?" Answer:"Jiang Wei" Other Choices:"Pang Tong","Fa Zheng","Jiang Wan" Star Level 4: "Who comments Cao Cao as "a capable minister in ruling but an arch-careerist in troubling"?" Answer:"Xu Shao" Other Choices:"Kong Rong","Wang Yun","Tao Qian" Star Level 4: "How many volumes did Cao Cao compose of Mengde New Book?" Answer:"14" Other Choices:"16","20","13" Star Level 4: "Who is the father of Zhuge Liang" Answer:"Zhuge Gui" Other Choices:"Zhuge Xuan","Zhuge Jun","Zhuge Huai" Star Level 4: "Who is not one of Cao Pi's four major friends among the following person?" Answer:"Guo Jia" Other Choices:"Sima Yi","Chen Qun","Wu Zhi" Star Level 4: "Where is Zhuge Liang buried after having died of disease in the Wuzhang Plains battle?" Answer:"Dinjun Mountain" Other Choices:"five ten feet of originally","Chengdu","Qishan" Star Level 4: "Whose army does Hua Xiong die from fighting with as mentioned in official history?" Answer:"Sun Jian" Other Choices:"Guan Yu","Yuan Shao","Cao Cao" Star Level 5: "Who is killed by Zhao Zilong, when the latter is solely rescuing his lord?" Answer:"Yan Ming" Other Choices:"Cao Hong","Zhang He","Zhong Jin" Star Level 5: "Which two volumes of the Three Heaven Books mentioned in the 70th Chapter?" Answer:"Peace teachings and Dunjia Heaven Books" Other Choices:"Peace teachings and Black Package Books","Black Package Books and Dunjia Heaven Books","Peace Qingling Books and Black Package Books" Star Level 5: "Who leads three thousand short-sword soldiers to defeat Hu Zun, the vanguard of Cao Army against the snow storm?" Answer:"Ding Feng" Other Choices:"Ding Lei","Ding Jian","Ding Dong" Star Level 5: "How many times in total does Zhuge Liang march out of Qishan Mountain for northern expedition?" Answer:"6" Other Choices:"5","4","7" Star Level 5: "What is the key function of water carrier invented by the inventor, Ma Jun?" Answer:"Irrigation" Other Choices:"Blowing","Seeding","Transporting" Star Level 5: "What is the specialty of Kingdom of Wu, where manufacturing technologies have achieved great progress?" Answer:"Celadon" Other Choices:"Cotton weaving","Silk","Bronze ware" Star Level 5: "What is the effect caused by large number of immigrant farmers immigrating from Northern China to Southern China during Three Kingdoms?" Answer:"Driving economic development in South China" Other Choices:"Cultural mingling between South China and North China","Social turmoil of South China","Widening the gap between South China and North China" Star Level 5: "Who is the politician that improved relationship with the ethnic minorities and strengthened development in Southwest China during Three Kingdoms?" Answer:"Zhuge Liang" Other Choices:"Jia Xu","Guo Jia","Zhuge Jin" Star Level 5: "What is Store Inscription Script that Zhong Yao, a well-known calligrapher, is good at during Three Kingdoms?" Answer:"Regular Script" Other Choices:"Official Script","Song Script","Seal Script" Star Level 5: "Which dynasty when the writer of the opening words of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms was born?" Answer:"Ming" Other Choices:"Qing","Song","Dan" Star Level 5: "Where is the hometown mentioned in Romance of the Three Kingdoms that Zhou Yu is "buried in his hometown"?" Answer:"Lu Jiang" Other Choices:"Hu Jiang","Zhe Jiang","Yantze River" Star Level 5: "Who does Liu Bei talk with before his death?" Answer:"Zhao Yun" Other Choices:"Zhuge Liang","Fa Zheng","Jiang Wei" Star Level 5: "Who is the legal wife of Lv Bu?" Answer:"Mrs. Yan" Other Choices:"Diao Chan","Mrs. Cao","Mrs. Yang" Star Level 5: "Who is the writer of an official call to arms against Cao?" Answer:"Chen Lin" Other Choices:"Kong Rong","Tian Feng","Ju Shou" Star Level 5: "Whose son-in-law is Lu Xun?" Answer:"Sun Ce" Other Choices:"Zhou Yu","Sun Jian","Lu Su" Star Level 5: "Who does Liu Bei dispatch to persuade Ma Chao to surrender?" Answer:"Li Hui" Other Choices:"Huang Quan","Fa Zheng","Dong Yun" Star Level 5: "Who publishes the notice when Liu Bei goes to join the army of Huangjin?" Answer:"Liu Yan" Other Choices:"Zhang Yan","Xu Yan","Wang Yuyan" Star Level 5: "Who is the countryman of Zhuge Liang in the following characters?" Answer:"Yu Ji" Other Choices:"Zuo Ci","Xu Shu","Xun Yu" Star Level 5: "Which map is given by Zhuge Liang to Liu Bei during Longzhong Talk?" Answer:"Map of Xichuan" Other Choices:"Map of Shenzhou","Map of Jingzhou","Map of Yizhou" Star Level 5: "Who is the first person appearing in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms?" Answer:"Liu Bang" Other Choices:"Liu Xiu","Zhang Jiao","Liu Zhi" Star Level 5: "which of the following figure is one of the Seven Scholars of Jian'an?" Answer:"Kong Rong" Other Choices:"Cao zhi","Yang Xiu","Wu Zhi" Star Level 5: "Which city has never experienced offensive and defensive battles in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms?" Answer:"Chengdu" Other Choices:"Chang'an","Ye","Luoyang" Star Level 5: "Which of the following is not a prefecture coupled with its capital?" Answer:"Qingzhou - Beihai" Other Choices:"Youzhou -Ji","Yangzhou -Shouchun","Xuzhou -Pengcheng" Star Level 5: "Who said the heroic words, "It is lucky for a man to die in battlefield", right before his death?" Answer:"Yu Quan" Other Choices:"Jiang Wei","Fu Tong","Tai Shici" Star Level 5: "Who is mentioned in Warriors of Fate?" Answer:"Jiang Gan" Other Choices:"Meng Huo","Diao Chan","Zhou Cang" Star Level 5: "When was the Three Kingdoms printed by engraving for the first time?" Answer:"The first year of the reign of Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty" Other Choices:"The first year of the reign of Emperor Zhengde of the Ming Dynasty","The first year of the reign of Emperor Longqing of the Ming Dynasty","The first year of the reign of Emperor Wanli of the Ming Dynasty" Star Level 5: "which of the following story is totally a fiction by later generations?" Answer:"Guan Yu heads Hua Xiong, while the liquor is still warm" Other Choices:"Sun Jian survives by changing scarf.","Zhao Yun rescued his lord at Changbanpo","Liu Qi asks for stratagem by removing the ladder against Zhuge Liang." Star Level 5: "Who is not the descendant of a well-known general?" Answer:"Zhang Ti" Other Choices:"Chen Biao","Han Zong","Pang Hui" Star Level 5: "Which of the following is not a matched set of a city during the Three Kingdoms and its present counterparty?" Answer:"Wuchang - Wuhan, Hubei" Other Choices:"Nanjun - Jingzhou, Hubei","Qiao - Bozhou, Anhui","Ye - Linzhang, Hebei"